01 Jun 2017

Does this sound like an oxymoron? In reality, it’s not.

Last month we talked about the philosopher who likes to confuse things just to fix them and come out the hero.

This month I want to chat about the hoarder. The hoarder is the person who keeps vital aspects of his team member’s roles within the company to himself, by not giving anyone full control of their position or department.

That’s because the hoarder believes that if people can’t completely do their jobs without him, he will become irreplaceable. Therefore, he stays involved by not letting them act without direction from him first.

After all, how can you let someone go who holds the key to every door at your company?

In addition to job security, the hoarder is seeking power and feeling 100% vital to the future of the firm. His thought process is, “If I can hide the treasure (in this case power or knowledge) where only I have the map to find it, I’ll maintain control.”

But what good is that treasure to your company if he decides to leave?

01 Mar 2017

Have you ever had two people on your team who can’t get along?

Maybe they have different personalities. Or different visions. Or maybe they just refuse to work together as a part of the team. Whatever the case, as hard as you’ve tried you can’t seem to bring them together. One option many business leaders consider is keeping the two team members separated so they don’t make a scene in front of other employees or customers. After all, these two people are both really good at what they do. And they’d hate to lose them...

As good as those individuals may be at their jobs, the truth is when two people reside at an organization - without working together as a team - results of the organization can suffer as much as 70%.

01 Feb 2017

This is the second article of a two-part series. To read part one, go to: http://ezgmfg.com/about-us/ezg-blog/

Like a struggling football team, if your incentive plan isn’t working properly, you could end up 0-16 for the year - or in the contracting world - unprofitable… and we all know that’s not where you want to end up. So today we’re going to talk about the secret to building a winning team by insuring your incentive plan has been designed and is working properly.

01 Jan 2017

How would you like to go to work every day and give it everything you have, not knowing for sure if you will get a fair return on your efforts? Even worse, how would you like to receive a bonus on how your boss feels you did this year, rather than actual company results?

Let’s start by defining “incentive” and “bonus” plans. I’ll also share why I prefer to use the term incentive plan instead of bonuses.

A bonus plan is decided and doled out based on emotions. It’s basically an unexpected gift, similar to what one would give a child at Christmas time.
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