Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in joining our company team, please call our offices at (740) 749-5816 to set up an appointment to meet with the Project Manager and complete an application form, or print the online form - Employment Application Form (right).

Qualities We Look For in Employees:

Core Values

  • • Honesty
  • • Good Judgement -- make decisions that are best for all involved
  • • Willing to take action and find solutions
  • • Work as a team with a can do positive attitude
  • • Total customer satisfaction
  • • Willing to change

• People who can produce good results while working in harmony with others

• People who are focused on adding value to the company

• People who enjoy what they do

• This company can’t make you enjoy what you do; however, if you work here and don’t enjoy being here; then we are not a benefit to you, nor are you a benefit to us. Therefore, you should seek employment someplace where your personal qualities will be better suited with the qualities of the people around you.

• There is one thing I am sure of; if problems exist that make you dislike your job, the work itself is not the cause of it. “That’s not possible.” The truth is; problems are always a reflection of the character make up of the people within. This means if we have a problem, it is being caused by someone within the company. This in turn causes animosity for all and will not be left to linger below the surface.

• The goal is; find out who it is that is focused on self-interest instead of what is in the best interest of the company and it’s employees. As the company’s CEO, I am committed to facing these issues and addressing these employees; redirecting them or letting them go to work elsewhere.

-Damian L. Lang, CEO